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The History of The Collingham Show

Collingham and District Farmers Club, more recently referred to as Collingham and District Agricultural Society (CDAS), was born in February 1841. Monthly meetings were held for local farmers and landowners, with topics such as ‘The treatment of ewes in lambing’ and ‘The first tax on beer’ being discussed.


In October 1841 the first Collingham Ploughing Match was held with twenty-six competitors. Although the first match was only small, it soon grew and in 1849 classes were added for stock and land draining and it officially became known as the Collingham Ploughing Match and Show.


The Show continued to thrive and in 1870 there were a total of 120 entries across all the classes, growing to 619 entries in 1910 and 1,415 entries in 1948. The increase in entries in 1948 also coincided with the much larger Horticultural and Home Produce sections which proved to be a great success.


Although the Show was always held in or around Collingham, in 1987 it began using the regular show site at Larksfield, Collingham and continues to do so to this day.


Until 1922 it was customary to hold the Show during late October or early November, but it was then resolved to change this to the last Thursday in September. More recently it has remained the third Saturday in September and will continue the tradition this year.


Now in its 170th year, the Show attracts several thousand visitors with the emphasis being on a traditional family show.


In all its 168 years the Show has only been cancelled a handful of times; during World War I and World War II , as well as the during the more recent Foot and Mouth outbreaks.


Despite extensive changes in agriculture, the Collingham Show and Ploughing Match, has remained strong and continues to prove itself one of the most popular agricultural events in the County.

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