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Hedging Competition


Plashing site kindly provided by R&G Bett.
Plashing stakes and binding kindly provided by Paul Palmer of Hose
Chief Steward: Dougie Lyne

Closing Date for Entries - Monday 13th September at 3pm.

Class 7

Open Plashing - to the competitor who shall cut and lay 8 yards of hedge in the best manner and sharpen their own stakes.

Class 8

Novices – as class 7, but competitors not having previously won a competition.


1. Competitors to be on the field for 8.30am, the time allowed to be agreed at commencement.
2. Assistance only at the Stewards discretion.
3. All the brash to be put away as per Stewards instructions.
4. 20 stakes allowed per competitor. Stakes provided.
5. Health and Safety Rules- must wear protective clothing.

6. Hedge to be laid in ‘Midland style’ straight not offset.

The Society, its Officers or Servants, shall not be responsible for any accident, damage or loss, however caused, that may occur to any exhibitor or his servant, or, to any animal, article, or property brought into the Showground, or, while entering or leaving or being carried into or out of the said Showground. Each exhibitor shall be solely responsible for any loss, injury or damage that may be done to or occasioned by, or arising from any animal, article, or property exhibited or brought onto the Showground by him, he shall indemnify and hold harmless the Society from and against actions, suits, expenses and claims on account of or in respect of any such damage or injury which may be caused or occasioned. It is therefore recommended that exhibitors insure against fire and such liabilities as the exhibitor May occur under the Show’s Regulations.

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