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Horticulture - Home Grown

We welcome entries from all gardeners and growers. Whether you be first time growers or seasoned producers please take this chance to show off the produce of your labour. You may even inspire others to give it a go.
Entry is free and they are made online.


Prize money: 1st prize £5.
Prize cards for 1st , 2nd and 3rd. There are trophies to win too!
Rule/Trophies – please read the rules section for further details/ timings etc.
Queries can be made by email:

If you don’t see a class for your particular produce/ flowers here, do let us know. We can’t add it this year but may be able to in future years if we have sufficient interest.


Class 73 A tray of 5 different vegetables / fruits
Class 74 Butternut squash- 2 matching
Class 75 Table marrow/ courgette – 2 matching
Class 76 Tomatoes – 5 matching in size and colour
Class 77 Cucumbers – 2 matching
Class 78 Shallots – 9 matching in size

Class 79    Onions grown from sets – 3 matching
Class 80    Onions grown from seeds – 3 matching
Class 81    Globe beetroot- 3 (5cm tops)
Class 82    Runner beans – 5 matching and straight
Class 83     Potatoes – 4, any variety
Class 84    Carrots long- 3, any variety (5 cm tops)
Class 85    Chillies or peppers – 3 matching, any variety
Class 86    Apples – 4 dessert, any variety (on a plate)
Class 87    Apples – 4 cooking, any variety (on a plate)
Class 88     Blackberries  9 (on a plate)
Class 89    An unusual shaped vegetable or fruit
Class 90    Heaviest Pumpkin
Class 91     Heaviest Marrow
Class 92    Heaviest Apple


Class 93  Dahlias - vase of 3 medium decorative blooms (1 variety)

Class 94    Dahlias – vase of 3 small cactus, semi cactus, curved or ball blooms (1 variety)
Class 95    Dahlias - vase of 3 of any other variety
Class 96    Dahlias - 1 decorative dahlia (any variety)
Class 97    Chrysanthemums – 1 spray (any variety)
Class 98    Rose – 1 specimen rose
Class 99    Roses – a vase of 3 roses of 1 variety
Class 100    Floribunda rose- 1spray
Class 101    Flowers –a vase of three stems (1 variety)
Class 102    Mixed garden flowers - in a container of your choice
Class 103    Fuchsia - one plant (max pot size 26cm)
Class 104    Pot plant - foliage (max pot size 26cm)
Class 105     Pot plant - in flower (max pot size 26cm)
Class 106     Orchid - (max pot size 26cm)



Class 107 Best six single yolked hens’ eggs (Brown)

Class 108 Best six single yolked hens’ eggs (Other colour)


Eggs to be exhibited on your own plate. A small white plate will be provided for 1 egg to be cracked into for judging.


Entry Form
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