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It would be appreciated if varieties are named on the exhibit. All items must be homemade.
Entry fee 50p Prizes 1st £5

All entries to be received by Wednesday 31st August


Class 73 A tray of 5 different vegetables
Class 74 2 leeks
Class 75 2 cucumbers
Class 76 Heaviest Pumpkin
Class 77 Heaviest Marrow
Class 78 Heaviest Bramley apple
Class 79 2 table marrows
Class 80 3 onions grown from sets
Class 81 3 onions grown from seeds
Class 82 5 Runner beans
Class 83 9 shallots (under 1”)
Class 84 3 globe beetroot (with 2” tops)
Class 85 5 tomatoes
Class 86 4 potatoes (any variety)
Class 87 3 carrots, long (any variety with 2” tops)
Class 88 3 chillies (any variety)
Class 89 4 cooking apples (on a plate)
Class 90 4 dessert apples (on a plate)
Class 91 An unusual shaped vegetable
Class 92 9 blackberries (on a plate)


Class 93 1 vase of three blooms, medium decorative dahlias
Class 94 1 vase of three dahlias, small cactus or semi cactus
Class 95 1 vase of three dahlias, small, in curve or ball
Class 96 1 vase of three, any other dahlias
Class 97 1 spray of chrysanthemums
Class 98 A specimen rose
Class 99 A vase of three hybrid tea roses
Class 100 A spray of floribunda roses
Class 101 A container of mixed garden flowers
Class 102 A vase of three stems of flowers (of the same variety)
Class 103 Fuchsia – one plant (max pot size 20cm)
Class 104 A pot plant – foliage (max pot size 20cm)
Class 105 A pot plant in flower (max pot size 20cm)
Class 106 An orchid (max pot size 20cm)


Class 107 Best six single yolked hens eggs (brown), on a plate
Class 108 Best six single yolked hens eggs (other colour), on a plate
A white saucer or plate for 1 egg to be cracked into, will be provided by the show.

Home Produce

Class 109 Chocolate cake
Class 110 Queen Elizabeth cake - Get The Recipe
Class 111 Family sized Apple pie
Class 112 New Zealand Sultana Cake - Get The Recipe
Class 113 5 Cheese Scones
Class 114 5 Gingerbread biscuits or 5 pieces of gingerbread
Class 115 Jar of marmalade (state type of fruit)
Class 116 Jar of chutney (state main flavour/s)
Class 117 Fruit flavoured gin in a lidded, small, clear bottle
Class 118 Jar of soft fruit jam (state fruit)
Class 119 Jar of stone fruit jam (state fruit)

Man in the kitchen

Class 120 Queen of hearts 5 jam tarts

Flower arrangements

Class 121 Antique roadshow (61cm x 61cm)
Class 122 Domino (61cm x 61cm)
Class 123 A riot of colour (61cm x 61cm)
Class 124 A jewel on a cushion (9cm x 9cm x 9cm)


All items to be made after September 2021

Class 125 A hand knitted item
Class 126 A cross-stitch embroidery, unframed
Class 127 A patchwork item
Class 128 An item of crochet
Class 129 A handmade card
Class 130 Any other handmade craft item. Display space 60cm x 90cm max.


Class 131 A hand carved item
Class 132 Wood turned lathe work


Photos to be a maximum size of A4 when mounted . No frames please.

Class 133 Patterns
Class 134 Motion

Entry Form

Thanks for entering!