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Village Numbers Trail

2021 Virtual Show Numbers Trail Entry Form
Open to all ages and families in Collingham and Surrounding Villages

Virtual Show Rules
Entrant’s full name and contact details must be included on the entry
There is no entry fee for entering and a chance to win a £25 voucher for The Royal Oak
The closing time and date for entry is Sunday 20th September at midnight
Results will be posted in the week following

Virtual Show Numbers Trail:

1. The Number on the High Street, where you might get the latest news while buying a stamp or sending a parcel.

2. If you fancy something to read, there are plenty of books to borrow from which number on the High Street.

3. Before calling for a pint at The Oak, the number of white bollards by the front door. 

4. From Station Rd, the speed restriction, driving into the place where you might score a goal or visit the cubs or brownies?

5. The number of miles to pedal to Lincoln, from the cycle sign on The Green.

6. On "All Saints" wall, on the 24th October, what year was the flood?

7. Have a look on the plaque, to discover the year Collingham Cross moved to its present site.

8. Hop on the bus at The Hemplands stop, but what number bus are you catching?

9. On Woodhill Rd, at the bottom of South Scarle Hill, the number of miles to Newark by road?

10. Where children love to play, on Swinderby Rd, how many carriages does the Wicksteed Flyer have?

Add all of your answers together and fill in the form below to enter.
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